Mr Cui Zhongwei


Mr Cui Zhongwei is our Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of our subsidiary, Hainan Pearl River Pile Co., Ltd (“HPRP”).He is responsible for all operational matters of HPRP as well as other subsidiaries in the PRC, including sales, management of construction projects and production.Between 1991 and 1995, Mr Cui held senior managerial positions at Hainan Fenghuang Airport General Company and Hainan Airport Stock Ltd.In August 1995, Mr Cui joined Hainan Holdings as its deputy general manager and was responsible for the business management of Hainan Holdings.He joined HPRP as general manager in 1999.He was also an Executive Director of the Company from 2005 to 2007.He left HPRP and the Company in 2007 to pursue his personal interests.He was re-appointed as a key member of management in August 2008.Mr Cui was named as one of the “Outstanding Persons for Corporate Reform in Special Economic Zones in New Century China” and “Hainan Province Industry Entrepreneur” by the PRC Special Economic Zone Reform Assessment in 2004.Mr Cui holds a Masters degree in business management from Capital Economics and TradeUniversity.

Our factory in Sanya is expected to further increase its annual production volume in 2010.

We expect to resume production of aerated concrete (“ACC”) in 2010.

ACC is a strong, lightweight and heat resistant material with the ability to retain heat.

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