Ms Li Zhangjiang De Malca

Ms Li Zhangjiang De Malca is the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of China Great Land Holdings Ltd. Ms Li worked briefly as an officer in a government agency in the PRC, which was involved in the supply of heavy machinery. In 1976, Ms Li joined the China Materials General (Group) Company which is a state-owned company in PRC. She studied business and enterprise management at the Beijing University of Physics and Industry in 1983. In 1989, Ms Li left China Materials General (Group) Company to join Peru Farry S.A, which is involved in trading business, as its president. She took on several management positions in multinational companies since then prior to setting up the Company. Ms Li graduated from the Beijing University of Physics and Industry in 1975 with a bachelor degree in chemical engineering.
Our factory in Sanya is expected to further increase its annual production volume in 2010.

We expect to resume production of aerated concrete (“ACC”) in 2010.

ACC is a strong, lightweight and heat resistant material with the ability to retain heat.

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Ms Li Zhangjiang De Malca
(Executive Chairman and Managing Director)

Mr Cui Zhongwei
(Executive Director)
Mr Li Baogang
(Non-Executive Director)
Mr Toh Hai Joo
(Independent Director)
Mr Tan Huay Pin
(Independent Director)

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