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Our Pre-Stressed High Strength Concrete Piles PHCs belong to the construction materials/concrete product industry. The technological essence to the production of PHCs lies in the following:
the proportion of raw materials used,
the tension strength applied in stretching the steel cages of the PHCs,
the temperature used in curing the PHCs and the centrifugal spinning of the PHCs to accelerate the setting of the PHCs into the intended dimensions.

In recent years, the PRC has seen an increase in the use of PHCs for foundation piling in many projects, especially for construction projects along the coastal regions like Zhejiang Province, Shanghai and Jiangsu Province.

We have one of the largest piling teams in Hainan Province, with 7 silent hydraulic pile machines, 1 hydraulic pile hammer and 11 diesel pile hammers, having an annual piling capacity of approximately 950,000 meters. This team has more than 20 technical personnel who ensure that our PHCs and the appropriate method of piling is adopted to comply with the overall requirements of each construction project.

Our factory in Sanya commenced production in 2007.

We expect to commence mass production of aerated concrete (“ACC”) in the second half of 2009.

ACC is a strong, lightweight and heat resistant material with the ability to retain heat.

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